Delivering COBie data is a team sport

If there’s something that we have learned from working with owner-operators, it is that the team wins, not individuals. Each project team has their area of expertise – architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing – and they provide support with their specific skill set but they must play together for success.

Never is this more apparent than when we start to talk about asset information requirements. Creating the information around an asset for managing the building requires input from each discipline in a planned, structured manner.

So, what assets are we tracking?

We don’t plan to track information for each component of the building. Just as car owners don’t need to know about every nut and bolt in their car, owner-operators don’t need to know about every nut and bolt in their building.

We only track those components that need to be serviced to ensure the building can be operated safely, without interruption, and within warranty requirements. The asset…

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