How to embed videos from the new Autodesk University website

This post goes out to my blogging brethren (and sistren) around the world… I’m sure more than a few of you have tried this, yourselves, so hopefully it’ll be of some help to people.

I recently looked back at a post of mine embedding Autodesk University 2018 videos and noticed that they no longer worked: I was sure they did when I wrote the post, but it seemed that something had changed, probably with the viewer component being used. I gnashed my teeth for a while and then posted to the Ooyala developer forum to see if anyone there could help.

It turns out that the embed codes currently provided by the AU website are wrong. Click on this link, start to play the video, and then select the “</>” in the bottom right to get its embed code.

An embed code from the AU website

The code that gets provided is (at the time of writing) this:

<iframe width="640" height="480"...

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