New upgradation to Revit software add-ons developed by Ideate

Ideate Software, a veteran Autodesk Developer Network member, upgrades its Revit software add-ons with new features.

Given below, the details of new features :-

Ideate BIMLink

• Capability to edit data in the program; it does not require to export it to Excel initially.
• Capability to export metric units with the predictable Excel formatting for German customers
• Capability to edit the revision sequence of a revision cloud

Ideate Explorer

• Option to pre-define the significance of all 915 Revit warning types
• Capability to look for particular warnings and edit several warnings at same time
• Option to get warnings data only when the Warnings tab remains active
• Capability to view when a project has surpassed a certain number of warnings


• Ideate ReNumber is now compatible with multi-category rules
• Ideate ViewCreator deals with visibility and graphic override conditions in an efficient manner while replicating plans by level

Ideate Sticky


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