Refinery 0.4.26 is now available for download

A new version of Project Refinery is now available for your generative pleasure via the Autodesk Feedback community. It’s a pretty big release – being the first since the launch of the public beta at AU 2018 – and has some very interesting features.

The updated UI

New Features

  • Refinery installer
  • New sample files
  • 10 times faster
  • Less computing resources used
  • Better initial geometry views
  • Smaller geometry storage on disk
  • Filtering of designs in parallel coordinates
  • Sorting for thumbnail views and table
  • Better progress indicators
  • Pause and resume for studies
  • Refinery Server shutdown occurs automatically on exiting Dynamo

Bug Fixes

  • Chinese input names now work correctly
  • Fixed error “…does not seem to support WebGL”

Now a little commentary…

I’m happy to see the 3D geometry now being compressed to take up much less space on your hard-drive, as well as the general speed improvements and better initial geometry views.

It’s convenient having an installer, but this currently looks for Dynamo 2.0.2…

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