Simple metric conversion with AutoCAD QuickCalc calculator

The QuickCalc calculator comprises of geometric functions, unit conversions, and variables, in excess of the elementary features available in scientific calculators.

QuickCalc belongs to an expression builder. To get superior result, it does not instantly compute an answer when a function is clicked by. Rather, you can compose an expression that is easily editable.

Once it is completed, just click the equal sign (=) or press Enter. Afterward, it is possible to recover the expression from the History area, rectify it, and recalculate the results.

QuickCalc performs the following functionalities :-

Accomplish mathematical and trigonometric calculations.

Get access and evaluate calculations done earlier for re-evaluation.

Apply the calculator with the Properties palette for rectification of object properties.

Change units of measurement.

Accomplish geometric calculations with reference to certain objects.

Copy and paste values and expressions to and from the Properties palette and the…

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