The Forge Design Automation API now has (Beta) support for Revit

There’s great news for Forge developers looking to modify Revit models – or perform various other operations inside Revit – in the cloud. To complement the current offerings of AutoCAD, Inventor and 3ds Max in Forge’s Design Automation API, you can now run headless Revit in the cloud, too. As of Monday of this week the service moved from invitation-only Beta to public Beta.

Here’s an introduction to this service from the most recent Forge DevCon:

This is really interesting with respect to Dasher 360, for instance. We currently have a workflow where an admin user can place sensors in their building by picking the location in the Forge viewer (technically there’s a raycast performed along the viewing direction against the current scene, and the 3D location of the closest intersection is where the sensor gets placed).

Placing a sensor

Right now we have to maintain a list of “positioned sensors”, which exists outside of the Revit model.

A placed sensor

Using the Design Automation API for Revit, it’s…

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