Improving operational effectiveness with Dynamo

Across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, there are vast differences in how well companies execute basic tasks. The performing of these tasks better than how rivals perform them, is known as ‘operational effectiveness’.1 Operational effectiveness is important because it improves productivity and profitability. While many might be quick to point out that operational effectiveness is fundamentally different and not a substitute for a carefully defined strategy, if a company can’t get the operational basics right, it doesn’t matter how brilliant their strategy is.2 This article explores how companies can improve their operational effectiveness by harnessing the power of Dynamo.

Dynamo is a node-based visual programming interface developed by Autodesk. When used in conjunction with Revit, it has the power to generate and manipulate both geometry and data. Sometimes known as ‘Parametric BIM’, this workflow represents the convergence of…

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