Simplify Revit Pipework with newly launched MEPcontent Plugin

The MEPcontent product library has introduced a new Revit plugin: the Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer. With this plugin, the users will be able to design with Raccorderie Metalliche metal projects more uniformly within Revit.

MEPcontent stands for an app and plugin library for engineers in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fields, which known as “the largest BIM library for MEP engineers.”

Basically, it is compatible with part-manufacturing companies like plumbing manufacturer Raccorderie Metalliche to develop manufacturer-specific content.

The Product Line Placer functions directly on top of Revit. By applying this plugin, the users don’t have to choose the proper pipe fittings for the job manually rather they have to click and draw, and the exact fittings will be added automatically.

They will be now able to draw flexible pipe systems with special bends to facilitate them drawing in each direction, or simply switch to create advanced connections with real-world…

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