The Podcast Roundup – Episode 059 – Feb. 10th – Feb. 16th, 2019. – The BIMsider

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM –  for the week of Feb. 10th – Feb. 16th, 2019.

I’m going to start this week’s Podcast roundup off with a new episode of the ConTechCrew, available as a podcast or video via YouTube.

The ConTechCrew 156: Generative Designed Buildings with Clifton Harness from TestFit

2) Podcast – From the BIMrras Podcast (Spanish Language)

030 Advanced BIM modeling strategies with Jose María Abellán

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Advanced BIM modeling strategies: We take advantage of the visit that José María Abellán has presented us with to present the agreement that the Architects Association of Murcia and the Architects Association of Galicia have signed, and that will allow us to take advantage of the BIMMATE tools, to steal some of José María’s wisdom and talk about advanced modeling strategies in BIM environments, wisdom that extends far beyond the Revit environment and…

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