For the past few weeks I have been recovering from a medical procedure and gradually getting back to my normal routine. That’s one interpretation of the title. Another is that I stumbled across Onshape this weekend, and took my first hesitant steps with this cloud based solid modelling package. I’m using the free version, which means that all my models are in the public domain, but I usually share my work freely anyway so that’s not an issue.

So far I have mostly been using my phone. Works quite well with the s-pen. The desktop version is probably faster (big screen, ribbon menu, right click options) but I like the casual aspect of working on my phone (change of rhythm, work on the move). Nothing spectacular yet in terms of results, but a couple of items that improve on Revit’s native modelling capabilities.

I have a long history of trying to create better geometry for furniture and plumbing families with complex curvature. And in recent years the demands of classical…

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