Industrial AR/VR Forum Skype Presentation

I go to Autodesk University almost every year. It’s a great way to keep up with BIM trends and people, and I love learning about all the new things they are working on. A couple of years ago, I played with an AR app they had in the Hub. Ever since then I have wanted to learn how to create an app for my company that would project a building on a client logo. Unfortunately, I’m not good at learning through Youtube or by reading books online; I need someone watching and showing me.

So, late last year I looked up a class I had heard about at the AR/VR Summit held here in Vancouver BC called “VR/AR Development with Unity” by Circuit Stream. There are two classes a week, and it’s geared to anyone who wants to learn Unity and create VR/AR apps. This class also gives the student 1 class a week spent one-on-one with a trainer who helps develop your app with VR or AR. I loved the class, and think it’s fantastic.  I learned how to use Unity and to program actions in the scenes….

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