Difficult to believe that more than 7 years have passed since my first pumpkin posts.  This was the beginning of my obsession with the Conceptual Massing Environment (I call it Point World) which continued for about 4 years, a period of intense learning. You can create some amazing geometries in Point World, but there are also significant limitations and drawbacks.

My ambition was to use these tools to create family objects: sanitary ware, furniture, classical ornament. Things with complex curvature. But there are two big issues: 1 file size, and 2 you can’t nest mass families inside ordinary families. (You can make adaptive components of many different categories, but they will not host on levels or work planes like any other “normal” Revit family.)

In the last post I looked at the potential of Onshape as a solid modelling package for tackling classical ornament, bringing geometry into family editor via ACIS (SAT). This route is also a way to overcome the two main drawbacks of…

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