revit in plain english: Top 25 Dynamo Nodes

Learning Dynamo can seem overwhelming. As hard as it may be, there is comfort in knowing that there is a limit to what you need to learn. To that end, here is a list of the top 25 Dynamo Nodes you need to get started with Dynamo (in my opinion). Since the beginning the Dynamo team at Autodesk has been collecting data on how we use Dynamo Nodes. I wonder how this (slightly unscientific) list compares to their data? 

3. All Elements of Category
4. Categories (always used with the previous)
5. Code Block (This one is a multitasker, you can use it for
strings, numbers, math, passing through information)
6. == (and most of the other Math Nodes)
14. Element.GetParameterValueByName
15. Element.SetParameterByName

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