Autodesk Fusion 360 and Generative Design

An in-depth review of Autodesk Fusion 360 and generative design was just posted by DEVELOP3D, who are also holding their conference DEVELOP3D Live in Sheffield England today.


“As we discussed at the outset, topology optimisation refines a singular form to an optimised state, typically using a singular material. Generative design in Fusion 360 is, by contrast, a platform for experimentation on a much grander scale.

All in all, what Autodesk has delivered on here, in its first pass, is pretty damned impressive. For those looking to explore new materials options, new manufacturing options or to open up their design engineering work to new ideas and experimentation, it’s a launchpad for new journeys.

Design and engineering thrive on experimentation, of course. It’s what we, as a community of professionals, have always done.

Now, it seems, we’re seeing a new class of tools that can support that process and give it a huge boost, thanks to the unprecedented levels of computational…

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