Prove It – Episode 3 – The Art of Energy Modeling

Sarah Gudeman, a mechanical engineer with Morrissey Engineering, joins Nate and Kristen to talk about energy modeling, building performance, and sustainability workflows in practice.

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00:31 Have you ever watched unboxing videos?
01:22 Introducing Sarah Gudeman, Omaha-based mechanical engineer
01:56 The philosophy behind the Prove It podcast
02:26 Nate is getting social media and event fatigue
03:55 Designers and builders want to make better buildings
04:44 Highlight cool stuff happening in the Midwest
06:01 Lower incentives to change process when business is good and busy
06:50 What is good enough – letting perfect get in the way of good
08:28 Sarah’s blog – WTH is Energy Modeling
13:29 The assumptions that go into a model – the art of energy modeling
18:14 Tracking deltas and metrics between stages of design
20:50 Approaches for demonstrating a track record and real-world validation
23:25 Weather – and weather files – as a variable
25:30 How is climate change affecting energy modeling?
28:26 Did you know it is hot in July?
29:00 Thermal comfort and the behavior of people as major variable
31:14 Andy Payne’s smart fan prototype and personal comfort devices
33:34 Unprecedented data on the built environment
36:36 Commentary on Proving Ground’s thermostat
37:44 Nate intentionally does not have smart home devices
39:20 Kristen discusses data collection and when ad targeting goes wrong
39:53 TIL about beards
40:35 Drinking water purification
42:07 How did Sarah get into engineering?
44:50 Sarah worked for an energy modeling startup
45:52 Startups filling gaps not covered by conventional practices
50:17 Sarah created voice narration to Omaha’s plumbing code.
52:51 The benefits and risks of democratizing tools and knowledge for specialized knowledge
55:16 Technology and the disruption of professions – UpCodes and ICC legal troubles
58:51 Response and resistance to radical change and disruption
1:00:46 How likely is it that your job will be automated?
1:02:46 Technology and experts speaking up about positive change and benefits of technology
1:03:23 What work is exciting Sarah right now?
1:09:16 Sarah’s advice to other engineers and professionals

Morrissey Engineering:
WTH is Energy Modeling?
No Really…WTH is Energy Modeling?
UpCodes on Twitter “We’re being sued by the International Code Council”

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