Revit 2020 is Here

The latest 2020 Autodesk releases are continuing to be announced, Revit 2020 just announced this morning.

See what Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, and Pawel Piechnik showed as some of the new features in in Revit 2020.
”The Revit team is thrilled to release Revit 2020, incorporating improvements in Revit 2019.1 and Revit 2019.2.  The release year “2020” is epic, and Revit 2020 lives up to the name, reflecting both your requests submitted to the Revit Ideas page and also introducing new features and functionality. With Revit 2020 all disciplines will see new tools and enhancements that help you generate consistent, coordinated, and complete model-based building designs and documentation.  As detailed in the public Revit Roadmap, our goal is to deliver start to finish capabilities that lead to improved project outcomes, and as product managers we’re proud to do so.”

You’ve got to see what’s new in Revit 2020


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