RevitCat: Path of Travel – The Dalek of Revit 2020

 Path of Travel – New Feature in Revit 2020

One of the new features that is particularly relevant for architects is the ‘Route Analysis’ tool.  This works by placing point-to-point lines between the start and finish of a route in plan.  Revit will then analyse this and find the shortest route between the points, avoiding obstacles on the way, and it will place a segmented detail line along that path, in the chosen view.  The intention for this tool is to create such things as:

  • Fire Escape plans
  • Emergency Evacuation plans
  • Life Safety plans (USA)

Here follows a detailed analysis of the new feature:

Analysis of Route Analysis

The tool is found on the Analyse tab, called ‘Path of Travel’

Once the tool is activated, the ribbon displays a Linestyle choice.  It defaults to a linestyle called ‘Path of Travel Lines’

Step one is to draw a line between two points.

 Revit then thinks a moment and places a ‘Detail Line’ segmented pathway between the two points

The first thing…

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