Spotted a Wooly Mammoth and You Can Too

Last week I was working in Washington DC meeting with some customers and partners including my longtime friends and digitization heroes at the Smithsonian Digitization Program Lab. While there catching up on all the cool projects for the Smithsonian and talking about our several years as partners on the and the Apollo Command Module capture, I spotted a 3D print of the Smithsonian’s mammoth at small scale. It wasn’t full scale 1:1 3D print of their mammoth skeleton as that would be massive and if you want you can print a 1:1, but this 1:10 scale version was unique with mechanical and articulated limbs. I asked my awesome Smithsonian friend Vince about this 3D print and got a great story on this 3D print.

Mammoth 3D prints

Back when we started this project with the Smithsonian to capture all 137 million objects in the collection into digital 3D formats one was of the mammoth in the initial launch. People could download the 3D models of the initial wooly mammoth model released…

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