Using the Space Analysis package for pathfinding and visibility in Dynamo

I’ve been meaning to create a post introducing the use of the Space Analysis package for a few weeks, now, but with various trips it’s been impossible to find the time. Anyway, here it is, at last.

You can start by downloading the graph we’ll be walking through in this post. Here’s a picture of the graph, with its graphics generated.

The graph with graphics

The graph is fairly simple: it loads some geometry from an SAT file that we’ll use as the definition of our barriers for the SpaceLattice.

Loading barriers

I’m using an SAT file we posted with the campus layout example that defines the buildings for the Carleton University campus. But you can easily swap this for an SAT file defined using the ACISOUT command from AutoCAD with your own geometry. The graph doesn’t depend on any specific geometry being used… the intention is that you use it with 2D geometry, but it shouldn’t fail if you use 3D geometry by mistake.

Get the corner and axis points

We then get the bounding box of this geometry – jumping through a few hoops in case…

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