Capturefinery updated to help track down errors

I talked recently about a Dynamo view extension I created to capture presentation graphics (primarily animated GIFs) from the entries in the “hall of fame” of a particular Refinery study. This has been super-useful, internally, but not just for creating fancy graphics.

Early on we realised that it was a great way to identify problems in Dynamo graphs: we could see the occasional error state (with the yellow text at the bottom left of the screen) flash past, indicating that a Dynamo run had completed with warnings and/or errors. Presumably the errors haven’t stopped the metrics from being evaluated and therefore have the design added to the hall of fame.

Design with errors

When using the previous version of the tool to track down errors, we had to jump through some hoops: inside the animated GIF and the stored single image frames we could find a task that caused errors, and then use the numbers associated with the metrics displayed in the graph to find the task in the Refinery study –…

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