Introducing Capturefinery, a Dynamo package that creates presentation graphics for Refinery studies

A few weeks ago I posted a GIF on Twitter that showed a few images from an earlier version of the Project Rediscover graph. I created this in a very manual, low-tech way: firstly, I selected a number of designs in Refinery, one-by-one, took a screenshot of each and then used GIMP to build an animated GIF. (This used to be very easy to do with previous versions of OS X, by the way: the Preview tool allowed you to drag images across into a GIF file and create new frames, and you could then use GIMP to adjust the timing of the frames, if needed. These days – since the OS X feature was deprecated a release or so ago, leading to images dragged onto the Preview thumbnail sheet to load them into Preview as new documents – you have to use GIMP or another tool for the whole process.)

It occurred to me that there had to be a simpler way, so I went about exploring whether a Dynamo view extension had access to the required capabilities to manage this process. Basically I wanted…

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