More Capturefinery enhancements – Through the Interface

I’m happy to announce that the Capturefinery package for Dynamo (and Refinery) is finally ready for posting to the package manager! My main misgivings – stopping me from posting it sooner – had been around the basic UX (fixed in the last update) and the fact that the tool requires (or required) the system to basically be dedicated to the capture operation. These have all now been addressed.

Latest Capturefinery UI

Here are the enhancements I made today:

  • The graphics are now captured via the Dynamo API, rather than via the OS (i.e. the screen)
    • This means you can keep Dynamo minimised and work on other things
    • It also doesn’t care about notifications, etc.
    • Thanks to Simon Breslav for this suggestion!
  • You can choose via the UI whether to create animations or not
    • This is useful when performing multiple partial runs that will be assembled into a single animation (see below)
  • You can choose to load existing images – from previous runs – when creating animations
    • The individual frames are named using their…

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