I begin this weekend, intending to treat it as a concept design submission. The goal is to have half a dozen sheets of drawings (plans, elevations, sections) several perspective views and a tidied up model with a fairly consistent level of development across the whole building. Let’s see what happens.

Thursday evening found me sketching ideas for vault family strategies on my phone. I knew that the curved ambulatories around the East end would be tricky but I was optimistic.

Friday morning revealed serious issues with the existing setting out. This would have to be resolved before embarking on the vaults. First thing to do is look more carefully. Peel off another layer of the onion. There are radial alignments where the flying buttresses sit. These were not working.

Also there should be curved sections of wall between the arches of the outer row, not free standing columns like the two inner rings. I decided to use a new background image. Maybe this plan was more accurate. Certainly…

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