An interesting weekend. I chose to confine myself mostly to the West End, so as to make room for other collaborators. What can you say about the Facade? The sheer scale, the balance of horizontal and vertical rhythms, the clarity of form despite the profusion of sculptural detail. 

I began by tackling the arches at the base of the Bell Towers. In contrast to the solidity of the stout round columns that march down the nave, these piers present themselves as sinuous clusters of parallel ribs.

Without a point cloud or a definitive set of survey drawings it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start and conflicts often arise. You just have to throw yourself into it, and make some bold decisions. This often means modelling “in-place” at first and gradually working out how to break it down into modular components.

As the day proceeded, Europe came online, and then USA. I saved my work, and we upgraded the model to Revit 2020, which went smoothly enough. The organ loft acts as a…

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