I’ve been to Paris once in my life, and that was 40 years ago. Notre Dame doesn’t have any special symbolic meaning to me, but it’s an interesting example of French Gothic and an opportunity for me to explore a different period of architectural history after so long on Project Soane. But of course “my spirit is moved.”  This is a breathtaking space, even in crudely modelled, virtual form.  So I guess she is my lady from one point of view, and yours from a slightly different point of view.  The more we engage with her, the more she becomes “our lady.”  Maybe that’s an argument for a collaborative modelling effort.

My second weekend on this adventure began with a rethink of the Gothic cross vault that I made at the end of the previous session. I had failed to figure out the formulas needed to make it fully parametric, and resorted to manual adjustments to get the same rise over two different spans (W & B). Coming back fresh, it turned out to be fairly trivial. First set the…

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