Capturefinery is live on the Dynamo Package Manager!

(If you’re asking yourself “what’s Capturefinery?” then I suggest reading these posts first. TL;DR: Capturefinery is a tool for capturing screenshots of the various runs in a Refinery study and compiling them into animated GIFs for sharing via social media or including in customer presentations.)

Firstly, a huge thank you to my partner in crime – and the first (so far only?) user of Capturefinery – Simon Breslav. He’s been kicking the tyres and giving very helpful feedback that has steered the development of this package. He very kindly tells me he likes it a lot – I hope you all will, too.

Anyway, firstly a quick rundown on the changes since last time. One of the big changes was the introduction of a progress bar, so you can tell how many runs have been captured, and how many are left to complete. This wouldn’t have been possible when capturing the graphics via the screen – as the images would contain the progress bar – but when we shifted to accessing…

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