Full List of AU 19 ATG Classes To Vote For

Vote for Autodesk University 2019 ATG Class Proposals. Every year, Autodesk gets thousands of proposals for Autodesk University every year, which is why we need your help in putting our skilled experts on stage.

Vote for the learning that matters most to you. Review this year’s proposals and vote for those you want to see at AU Las Vegas 2019. Here is the full listing of classes submitted by ATG Technical Specialists-

  1. BIM360 Docs and Live Document Review in Revu—Scott Mizsak—Search: BIM360 Docs
  1. Bringing Design Options to Life!—Brianna Ladd
  1. Charity Hospital, NOLA: Scan Project Highlight (1 Million sf + 9,753 scans in ReCap)—Jeff Landers
  1. Civil 3D and GIS Data: Setting Up and Using Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS—Scott Mizsak—Search: gis data
  1. Civil 3D: Surveying, From Field to Finish—Scott Mizsak
  1. Cross-Discipline Coordination: Civil 3D to Revit and Back Again—Mandy Breckenridge and Kyle Groves
  1. Drones and the AEC Collection—Justin DeVore
  1. Enscape…

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