Prove It – Episode 5 – Data Deluge

Nate Miller, Steve Sanda, and Trygve Wastvedt from Proving Ground discuss emerging technology and debate opportunities and concerns related to data collection and smart buildings. The discussion explores a range of topics including specialization, skills gaps, privacy, hacking buildings, and the role of the architect in designing smart buildings

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Main topics:
Part 1: 03:20 – New tech discussion – and next gen computational design platforms
Part 2: 35:00 – Data Deluge – the architect’s role in data collection

Full discussion breakdown:
01:09 Nate talks about quitting his first job.
03:05 Podcast format review
03:20 Discussing, next gen computational platforms
05:12 Architects and computational designers reinvent the wheel
07:03 Popularity of resources for free plugins
08:05 Challenges in bringing custom functionality “to scale”
09:54 What is the market for specialization?
11:38 Disruption fatigue in the design workflow
15:07 Letting people specialize
22:02 Organizations protective over IP – What are businesses willing to share?
27:00 The line between business logic and standards
29:50 What is the incentive to share functions with the community?
31:55 Why we don’t see pull requests on our open source projects
35:00 Data deluge – the opportunities and problems with data availability
36:02 Architects are trained to understand “public” and “private” space – is the line blurred now?
37:02 Buildings are getting smarter and also more hackable
37:50 Owners making strides in using their building data
39:51 Zoom…. enhance!
40:52 The advantage of more data
43:51 Using data to building the architect and owner relationship
46:46 Extending the role of the architect into operations
47:40 Telemetry and collecting data about people in buildings
50:48 The danger of people becoming the “product”
53:40 The importance of specialization in architecture related to data
54:54 The number of sensors is growing and not going to go down
56:35 Do smart buildings need a EULA or Terms of Use?
58:00 The need for better standards in data collection for buildings
01:00:30 Smart devices in homes
01:02:21 Understanding the tradeoffs between privacy and convenience
01:04:57 Trusting the service provider
01:06:03 The scary future of public space
01:08:07 Are we directing or empowering?
01:11:27 Conclusions and the duality of technology