This is a “throwback” post, half-prepared a month ago, but never finished.

Why doing this in BIM? It’s a different question depending where you put the emphasis. WHY.  … Speaks to motivation. I started this model on a whim, out of curiosity, as a personal research project, pursuing my interest in “how buildings work”.   Having spent a good 4 years focusing on the Bank of England and the classical styles that dominated western architecture for some 400 years perhaps it was time to turn my attention to the Gothic mode which preceded Classicism and resurfaced for a while in the 19th century as a kind of disruption on the way to modernism.

So the “WHY” has to do with research, using BIM to explore the role of buildings in human history.

DOING … puts the emphasis on activity, tools, processes.  We learn by doing.  This is collaborative work.  We are interacting with each other in an active way, trying out different tools and sharing the results via Social…

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