Test design in real-time with The Wild Revit Add-In

The Wild introduced new Add-In for Autodesk® Revit®. The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, allows all the project stakeholders to test design simultaneously, in real-time, from any remote location in the globe. This Revit Add-In empowers the architecture, engineering, and BIM teams to transfer their model into The Wild’s VR experience and review it at human-scale.

It is now possible for the teams to move around in their models normally, similar to a walk-through post-construction.

Revit Add-In will simplify the workflow for teams dealing in architecture, engineering, and construction. Architects and designers will be able to coherently test their Revit content with simple click of the mouse.

By applying a single click, this Add-In develops a permanent connection among the Revit project and The Wild, in order that 3D views are smoothly changed to spaces and updated as the project progresses in Revit. Sharing can also be done directly in Revit via the Wild’s new link…

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