Voting for AU 2019 class proposals (including mine)

Now that the dust has settled on the Call for Proposals process for AU 2019 – and its accompanying Forge DevCon – in Las Vegas, you can vote for your favourite sessions. Here’s a blog post on the Forge site explaining how to do so for Forge classes.

I’ve submitted two, this year. The first is about how Forge developers can build their own products using components we’re publishing from the Dasher 360 codebase. You can find the class by searching for “Dasher”, even if the class is about more than that.

Forge proposal

Here’s the text for this first proposal:

Advanced data visualization using the Forge viewer

Over the last decade, Autodesk Research has been developing advanced techniques for data visualization in a 3D environment. One example of this is Dasher 360, a Forge-based application that can display sensor data captured by sensors in buildings (or on infrastructure such as bridges) in a 3D context. In recent months we’ve been working to publish the core components that…

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