A quick update on various projects

Things are heating up in the Systems Research team (and not just because it’s summertime).

I’ve been digging into the Dasher 360 codebase, this week, to add better support for “equipment” sensors – which have multiple sensors and data feeds coming off them for a single unit – particularly with respect to tooltips. As an example, here’s a ubertooltip summarising recent data coming off a Mazak 5-axis mill in our Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Birmingham.


There are devices in the AMF that have more sensors – up to 60, in fact – but those feeds were less visually interesting (the lines were flat), so I opted for a machine with “only” 26 data feeds. It’s still a bit overwhelming, so we’ll have to see whether this style of information display proves interesting or useful to the people using the tool in Birmingham.

The main reason for digging into equipment support is to prepare the NEST model for use inside Dasher 360, which is also coming along nicely,…

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