buildingSMART International Summit

When I first jumped into BIM and worked to understand what it all meant I quickly realized the array of tools could be an issue. I found the website and dove in reading about a worldwide industry body driving digital transformation of the built asset industry. Imagine an organization that brings the worlds visionaries in the built environment industry. After being a part of teams that continually fought over internal company standards and how to protect people from stealing them yet getting others to use them it was refreshing to read about a collaborative community from around the world.

My recent move to an international company gave me the opportunity to attend one of the summits held twice a year. This year I was able to attend the spring session held in Dusseldorf Germany.

buildingSMART Dusseldorf

buildingSMART focuses on standardizing processes, workflows and procedures for BIM on a worldwide stage. We are a community of volunteers from around the world made up of industry users…

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