Create Revit model files from any application with new ODA BimRv SDK 2020

The Open Design Alliance (ODA), most recognized solution provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, just launched BimRv SDK 2020.

Earlier name of BimRv SDK, was BIM SDK. It stands for the leading autonomous toolkit for interoperability with Autodesk Revit files. BimRv SDK 2020 is the new name for the ODA’s Revit interoperability toolkit that facilitates the developers to read and write indigenous Revit files.

“BimRv 2020 allows for exporting the property and geometry data from Revit files, to JSON and OBJ, correspondingly so that the clients can avail Revit file data from an extensive range of applications, devoid of writing complicated code.

Besides, vital improvements are provided toward formation of parametric element. Once finished, parametric element formation will facilitate the clients to automatically create the Revit models from any application.

In Version 2020, enhancements to sectioning support is also provided along with new parameter support for…

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