FormWork Gejerator by Dynamo

Cast-in-Place Concrete is mostly used in construction site in Korea instead of Precast.
So calculating Formwork area is one of the most important work at a site.

Here is a simple dinamo code i created.
It calculate formwork area and concrete volume of selected zone and export the data to selected excel file.

Calculated volume will be more accurate than one from Revit schedule. It joins every unjoined geometries in dynamo before calculation.

Actually I haven’t been interested in this issue because I’m an architect who works at an office room most of times.

I just created the dyn code for the engineers in Revit-Dynamo community.

Oh, you still don’t know how to use Dynamo?
Don’t worry, you can easily use it with Dynamo Player.

You can download the file as usual.

Enjoy 🙂
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