How drone technology was used in 250,000 sq ft logistics building in Dunstable

Construction firms are deploying new digital technologies like drones, BIM, data analytics, and offsite manufacturing to obtain digital or reality capture information as well as enhance productivity & profit margins and offer a better product & service to the end client.

were engaged by Baytree + Readie Construction employ ProDroneWorx to generate regular survey grade precise 2D/3D digital or reality capture outputs for the full length of the project with drone technology for a new 250,000 sq ft logistics building in Dunstable, near to the M1.

The digital reality capture outputs (3D Point Cloud, Textured Model, Digital Surface Model, 2D Orthomosaic, Google KMZ) were developed with drone technology and photogrammetry which allowed both the developer and the contractor to optimize the digital management of this large 15-acre asset as well as produce thorough data insights, superior co-ordination on the project, greater data deliverables to clients whereas minimize costs and risks.


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