It Wasn’t Itsy Bitsy

Spider Selfie
I’m a bit nervous leaving my house again knowing that my security system cameras may send me spooky videos. A couple months ago I was in San Francisco in a meeting when my phone buzzed with an alert from my security system, so I took a look. I was a bit shocked and surprised to see a big spider climbing over my camera. It continued to send me spider selfies for the next few days leaving me a bit nervous to enter my house when I returned. I never have found this eight legged resident, but wondering will the spider once again taunt me.

To me it appeared as though my home was being eaten by a giant spider. It continued to send more videos to me which made the meeting I was in a little hard to concentrate on. After the 3rd video and my look of horror someone asked what was wrong and so I showed them and others in the meeting which resulted in a lot of comments like “ooooh”, “eeek” and  “burn the house”.

Here are two of the spider selfies in low resolution format.

Spider Selfie…

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