Quick tricks to draw a column layout plan in AutoCAD

In column layout plan, the size of column and the location of column are provided. The column layout plan plays a crucial role for a Structure. The column layout helps in finding out the exact position of the structure.

How to draw the perfect Column Layout Plan with AutoCAD

Normally, the drawing of column layout plan is performed manually or through AutoCAD. AutoCAD software is the most popular software for drawing. Given below, some useful guidelines to draw the column layout plain in AutoCAD.

1. Column Shape Selection: Initially, it is required to select the column shape. There are several types of column shapes in various structures which range from circular, rectangular, box type column.

2. Draw the Column: Once the shape of the column is settled, then the drawing of the column should be started. Draw the column with rectangle (rec+Enter) or circle(c+Enter) command.

3. Settlement of the Column Position: Location of the column position is considered as the most vital part of a…

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