ATG Webinar: Revit Families: Planning for More than Just Parameters with Mandy Breckenridge, AIA

ATG Webinar on Tuesday, 8/6 at 12 PM CDT
So, your Revit Families flex and tag appropriately… Congrats! Depending on how complex your family is, that can be quite an accomplishment in itself. But good Family Planning deals with more than just geometry and parameters.
This webinar will discuss a few topics relating to the basic infrastructure of families:
1. Revit Family Templates- Differences between them and why creating a custom one might be beneficial.
2. Revit Family Subcomponents- Getting more visual control of families in your projects.
3. Revit Family Category/Parameters Dialog Overview.
4. Nesting Families- Pros, cons and getting things to schedule correctly.
5. Standard vs. Face Based vs. Object Hosted Families- Pros, cons and how to change your mind later without starting from scratch.

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