Autodesk and Esri Partnership Results in BIM Data Going More Places


Recently, I reached out on Twitter (@ShaanHurley) to connect with people that were Esri or Autodesk customers and making use of the Autodesk & Esri Collaboration to better understand this by my team. One Esri customer Greg Jameson a GIS Specialist contacted me. I asked if I could share their feedback publicly.

“We have been working & playing with BIM to GIS since last summer when Esri launched Pro 2.3 with direct Revit reads. I had the opportunity to speak at two conferences this Spring on BIM to GIS – first at Midwest University to let BIM managers understand what happens and the other at NE GIS/LIS to get city/county/state people to ask for Revit data on public projects.

The Autodesk – Esri partnership opens the door for non-Revit users to experience and leverage the data within it. Non-technical staff can open a website and view a building using the GIS platform. Your Revit models are much more valuable now!” 

Please email me if you are also importing Revit BIM data into…

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