Hide Zero Values in Revit Schedules

Revit likes to show a ‘0’ or ‘0.00’ in a schedule when the value is either zero or blank (sometimes).  This is not always desirable – in some situations you may actually want the schedule to show nothing when the value is zero.

There is a way to do this, although it is not in the units or display settings . . . . .

Blank Value Workaround

Let’s suppose you have a ‘Numeric value’ field that is displaying zero values

  • The first thing to do in your schedule is to create a new Calculated field called ‘Blank’ (for example) – make it a Number type (if that is what your desired type is)
  • Do not put anything in the formula

  • Create another Calculated Value field – in this example I’ve called it ‘Hides Zeros’, but it can be whatever you want the title to display in your schedule
  •  This time give it a formula something like:
    if(Numeric value > 0, Numeric value, Blank)
  • This will hide all zero and negative values

  • If you want to display negative values and only hide the zero values, change the…

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