How to analyze a G+2 storied building with StaddPro V8i

In this exclusive video tutorial, you will learn how to analyze a G+2 storied building by determining the shear force and bending moment in StaddPro.

The design of any building is created in following two ways :-

Transfer the plan that is created in AutoCAD to StaddPro.

Create a separate model in StaddPro.

In this video you will learn how to create a model based on the existing structure in StaddPro. To do this, go to geometry tab and click on run structure from drop down menu. Here you will find different types of prototype models and you have to use them.

STAAD.Pro V8i offers the following exclusive features :-

  1. Updated RAM Connection Module
  2. Improved ISM interoperability
  3. Inclusion of ‘Add Member’ templates
  4. Improved Connection Tag capabilities
  5. Inclusion of accidental torsion for the Canadian response spectrum definitions.
  6. Vital amendment of the Russian steel design codes
  7. General updates and corrections as stated in the Revision History documentation.

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