Its Back to School Time

Here in the US many children are getting ready for the school season to begin or starting imminently. In addition to all the supplies like paper, pens, glue, laptops, and backpacks we have one more thing that students and their teachers can benefit from for free. It is Instructables and their new Teachers Notes feature to share lessons on hands on topics. Even beyond the new Teacher Notes feature Instructables is an absolutely invaluable resource for budding young makers, creatives, and for science projects to learn and make something and it is also a great resource for teachers and parents.

 Teacher Notes

Back to School with Instructables
”We’re excited to announce a new feature to share your knowledge, and help to bring more making into classrooms all over the world: Teacher Notes!
Teacher Notes can be added to any Instructable to document how it was used in the classroom, including grade level and subject. Educators can add lesson plans, photos, and attachments to demonstrate their favorite…

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