Using Count Parameter in Revit Schedule Formulas

Anyone who has tried to master Revit Schedules would have encountered all kinds of limitations.  One of those is the limitations on which parameter types can be used in a calculation:

These parameter types can be used in formulas:

  • Number
  • Integer
  • Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Angle
  • Yes/No
  •  <Family Type..>
  • etc

They are all basically a number or a choice between items that have a number hidden behind them (Y/N  or

The following parameter types cannot be used in formulas:

They are some kind of text, which is all too hard for Revit to cope with (poor little Revit).

There is another kind of schedule parameter, which is not listed above (because it is a system parameter that you cannot choose from a list of types): 

        “Count“, which is just a number (always = 1 for each item).

However, if you try to use this in a schedule formula, Revit gets very uppity and says you cannot.

This is unprecedented in Revit – a message that actually explains why it can’t do what you want!

  • In case…

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