A new release of Refinery with tighter Revit integration and output constraints

A big – and welcome – update has just been dropped by the Refinery team. I’ve been waiting for this one, in particular, as I expected it to work better with the MaRS graph. (I’m happy to say that it does – more on this later.)

The big ticket item in the v0.35.0 (still Beta) release is an integration with Revit that doesn’t require users to open Dynamo. It’s at this point that you can probably hear a collective “say what?!?” from existing Refinery users (such as myself, I might add): until now you’ve been very exposed to Dynamo when using Refinery. You will clearly still need to use Dynamo to create the graph to be used for Refinery studies: the good news is that people using Refinery to run studies won’t necessarily be exposed to the graph’s complexity.

A number of changes have been needed to support this workflow, of course: firstly, Revit needs to be able to load and run a Dynamo graph, making sure all its dependencies are loaded. Secondly, Revit needs…

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