BIM is Simple

The question I hear the most from people is “Why does BIM fail in some companies?” The most straightforward answer is too much complexity and not enough education. BIM is most successful in companies that understand the value it provides: this value is unlocked when implementation is simple to understand and incorporate.  

If your team wants to use BIM, you have to start slowly, and make sure that everyone has a chance to learn why and how your system functions. This is key to full adoption. Your team may have different levels of expertise and understanding, but the right kind of education will help them work together successfully.

 So: what do you need to educate your team? The first thing is thoughtfully creates documentation. I like to create my documentation and my curriculum’s around the idea I’m trying to explain BIM to my Grandma. She is far from stupid, but she needs background information to understand how BIM works.

 Usually when we start a new job, BIM leaders…

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