Build your own SoundSystem: Space Analysis now supports multi-source acoustics

After somehow adding support for acoustic analysis to the Space Analysis package, Rhys Goldstein has taken it to the next level by adding support for multiple sound sources. When Rhys first did this he was a little surprised by the results he was seeing. There were some really interesting interference patterns at the boundaries between sound sources:

Interference between multiple voronoi points

Find this example at %appdata%DynamoDynamo Core2.3packagesSpaceAnalysisextraspaceanalysis-acoustics-06-six-points-voronoi-pattern.dyn.
(You may need to change the Dynamo version number.)

Rhys dug into the field a little more deeply and came across this interesting blog post that highlights the possibility for sounds of similar frequencies to interfere constructively – resulting in louder sounds – or destructively – resulting in quieter sounds or even silence. Here’s a video from the blog post showing this type of effect:

Having seen this, Rhys thought it would be fun to see if the Space Analysis package could be…

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