Uniclass 2015 – Resources

At the weekend one or two people on Twitter asked if I could post some of the NBS videos demonstrating how to use Uniclass 2015 so they can use them when explaining classification to others.

So, here are some links to resources that some may find useful.

If you do download them and use them – then please credit NBS (theNBS.com/Uniclass) for use of the content and put a tweet out to help spread the word 🙂

Short video files showing the concepts:
These have been exported to WMV format so they should work fine when embedded in a Powerpoint. Download below:
Google Drive Folder containing videos





Explainer article:
In addition to these videos, there is also a good ‘What is Uniclass’ explainer article from NBS Head of Classification Sarah Delany:
– https://www.thenbs.com/knowledge/what-is-uniclass-2015

What is Uniclass 2015?

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