BILT and the Highlands – Through the Interface

After the pre-BILT Hackathon on Wednesday, there were still three full days of the main conference to be experienced in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. My family was with me – at the start of our 2-week Scottish adventure – so I wasn’t planning (or able) to spend the full 3 days at the conference.

I did make it along to the opening keynote, however, which was largely run by Marcus Fich, who introduced two Danish psychologists who talked about (among other things) our response to stressful situations. It was a very different and interesting session.

BILT Day One keynote

After that I went off to meet my family at around lunchtime. I walked across Edinburgh – it’s a very walkable city, as far as it goes – to meet them in the old centre.

A nice old building

They were at the National Museum of Scotland, a genuine national treasure. We mainly went around looking at their fascinating historic artifacts (we were mainly interested in the Scottish ones, but their collection is highly diverse and impressive), but there…

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