Fusion 360 Roadmap and More

Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 has turned 6 years old and I remember when it was a little conceptual baby incubating in the former Autodesk Labs for people to download and provide their feedback. It has come a long ways in the past 6 years and become a real product and thousands of daily users and amazing products that have been designed by customers using it.

If you are interested in where Fusion 360 is going in the future, here is the roadmap showing feature priorities for development.

Fusion 360 Roadmap Update – October 2019

Here is some great Fusion 360 training and tips just posted from the Portland Fusion 360 Academy: Fusion 360 Academy Portland 2019 – Manufacturing (CAM)

Fusion 360 Training for Beginners:
Getting Started with fusion 360 for Absolute Beginners

Did you know in addition to the free 3 year license for all students and faculty at the Autodesk Education Community?  You can also get a free Fusion 360 license if you are a hobbyist or startup. Fusion 360 for Hobbyist  Fusion…

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